Brett Heidi is a contemporary western artist local to Olds, Alberta. Coming from a family immersed in art, she has been sketching custom portraits and painting in oil, watercolour, & acrylic from childhood.  As a youth, she found herself involved in art contests, one of which was a North American contest hosted by Case Tractor, where she won a place in the top ten. She then had the privilege of having her painting be adopted and displayed by the Case Tractor head office in the United States.  

 Over the past 4 years she has developed a unique style using acrylic that lends to a modern, simplistic look while holding true to the principals passed down from the classic artists.  This technique evolved after time spent learning to paint more traditionally with oil, sketching graphite portraits and after having spent some time working with watercolours.  


  "My current style evolved when I attempted my first large scale acrylic painting.  Something I loved about watercolour was the freedom of pure juicy colour spreading across a simple white textured paper.  There is a sense of simplicity yet a vivid brilliance to it. The techniques of layering watercolour washes along with that of oil glazing have influenced how I paint in acrylic.


 I have gained inspiration and savoured experiences from both urban and country living.  Having the chance to live in Mexico for six years transformed my perspective of life, and I now consider it my second home.  Now that I again live in Central Alberta along with my husband, we really enjoy the diversity that this province has to offer.  I am surrounded by inspiring vistas that take me back to moments of life as a kid on our hobby farm. One of the perks to living here is the incredible view of the Rocky Mountains that are preceded by farm fields and rolling foothills.  Another inspiration is the charm of our neighbouring city, Calgary, with the unique city skyline backdropped by the Rockies and hosts the winding Bow River.  Just an hour west is a mountainous oasis, Banff National Park where I find inspiration for my forest animal pieces and mountain scenes.


I am fascinated by how the perception of colour is affected or even created by light.  Life's beautiful things put onto canvas tell a story and affect our emotions"

Brett Heidi's work has been sold to clients from Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Tanzania, South Africa, New Zealand, Finland & the United Kingdom.

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